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  2. What is a Tryout?
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Awesome Candidate Experience

Candidates solve problems on the Lytmus platform using the same tools they use on the job every day.

They'll feel right at home, and you'll get real results.

So, how does it work?

  1. 1. They get a simple
    e-mail invite

    Your candidates receive a simple invite to take your Tryout in their e-mail.

  2. 2. They work in a rich
    VM environment

    Candidates are given a choice of a simple browser-based interface to the Tryout or a light and fast desktop client that allows them to use their own tools.

    Zero download required.

  3. 3. They solve real,
    every-day problems

    Your candidates solve your engineering problems in an actual development environment just like they will when you hire them.

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