What if you could
Tryout Engineers
before you hired them?

Great engineering teams rely on Lytmus

You and your candidates would...

Customizable Virtual Machines
Work on a real project

Our Tryouts mirror the true depth and challenges of actual job responsibilities

Real World Developer Tools
Use popular development tools

Our Tryouts allow candidates to work comfortably — with their own tools, like IDEs, shortcuts, browsers, and more

Realistic & Challenging Scenarios
Get guidance from fellow co-workers

Our Tryouts include unique built-in features, like "Try Answer," which helps candidates see if they’re on the right track.

"Our engineers don't spend a lot of time inverting binary trees, so asking candidates to do that is counter-productive. Lytmus provides real-world challenges and allows candidates to code solutions for technical problems they might actually encounter at Pinterest."


And after the Tryout...

You receive rich reports with objective, high-signal data points that reveal the on-the-job potential of your candidates

"The nature of our business means that we have to scale our team quickly depending on how fast our games grow. In such times, Lytmus has helped us manage our growth and hire top talent."


See for yourself how Lytmus works:

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