The flight simulator for assessing technical skills

Assessing technical skills video

Lytmus Tryouts

  • Don't rely on brain teasers - instead, measure hireability via real scenarios
  • Candidates complete real world projects to prove their technical skills
  • Evaluate across a spectrum of roles and experiences; web, mobile, database, systems, networking and more
  • Innovative Virtual Machine based technology provides you with realistic scenarios to surface the most qualified candidates for the job

Customizable Virtual Environments

  • Build a full environment from databases, to webservers, to front-end frameworks and more!
  • Candidates complete Tryouts with real world developer tools
  • Flexible platform allows you to choose from a library of 70+ realistic scenarios
  • Onboard any coding language you need - even OCaml!

Candidate Reports

  • Autograders provide you with detailed insights
  • Reports include Percentile Charts, Code Diffs, Detailed Unit Test Results, and Video Playback of the entire session
  • Objective, high-signal data that provides a predictive measure of a candidates' technical skills

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